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Hoa Lu - Tam Coc - Mua Cave - Thai Vi Temple - Bich Dong Pagoda - Thung Nham



210 USD

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    Embark on a journey to explore the enchanting charm of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, the calm green waters of Tam Coc, the majestic allure of Mua Cave, the sacredness of Thai Vi Temple, the serenity of Bich Dong Pagoda, and the pristine nature of Thung Nham Bird Park. This Ninh Binh tour seamlessly connects history, culture, and nature, offering unforgettable experiences. Join us as we step into the mystical and poetic world of Ninh Binh. This trip is sure to leave a profound mark on the hearts of every traveler.

    Explore Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Mua Cave – Thai Vi Temple – Bich Dong Pagoda – Thung Nham Bird Park tour 2 day 1 night

    The 2-day-1-night Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Mua Cave – Thai Vi Temple – Bich Dong Pagoda – Thung Nham Bird Park tour offers an ideal journey to discover the prominent and captivating destinations of Ninh Binh province. Beginning with the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, travelers delve into the glorious history of the country through the remaining relics from the Dinh and Le dynasties.

    Next, the journey continues with a boat ride on the Ngô Đồng River, allowing you to admire the stunning landscape of Tam Coc – the “Halong Bay on land,” where limestone karsts tower majestically amidst lush green rice fields.

    Hoa Lu - Tam Coc – Hang Mua - Thai Vi Temple tour 2 days 1 night

    Mua Cave, the next stop, promises exciting experiences as you conquer nearly 500 steps to reach the mountain peak. From here, the panoramic view of Tam Coc tour unfolds before you, creating a magnificent and grand natural panorama. The journey further proceeds to Thai Vi Temple, a place of sanctity and serenity, offering a retreat to find inner peace.

    Bich Dong Pagoda, with its unique architecture nestled on the mountainside, is an ideal destination for exploring Buddhist beliefs and admiring ancient beauty.

    Lastly, travelers will explore Thung Nham Bird Park, a natural conservation area home to thousands of rare bird species. Here, you can immerse yourself in pristine natural surroundings, observe flocks of birds soaring, and experience tranquility and relaxation.

    Bich Dong Pagoda

    This 2-day-1-night journey not only provides diverse experiences in culture, history, and nature but also serves as a chance to relax and rejuvenate after days of hectic work.

    Itinerary 2-day 1-night: Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Mua Cave – Thai Vi Temple – Bich Dong Pagoda – Thung Nham Bird Valley Tour

    • Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
    • Price: $210 USD
    • Departure: Daily

    Day 1: Hanoi – Hoa Lu – Mua Cave – Tam Coc – Cycling – Sunset Swimming

    7:30 – 8:00: Departure to pick up guests from hotels in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, preparing for an exciting journey ahead.

    10:10: Arrive at the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, the first stop of the trip.

    10:20: Explore the historical relics of Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel, preserving many historical imprints from the 10th and 11th centuries.

    11:15: Visit Mua Cave and challenge yourself to conquer nearly 500 steps to admire the majestic panoramic view of the mountains.

    Hoa Lu – Mua Cave – Tam Coc

    12:30: Enjoy lunch with traditional Vietnamese dishes at a local bungalow.

    13:40: Take a boat trip through Tam Coc, exploring three famous caves: Hang Ca, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba.

    15:10: Cycle through lush green rice fields and peaceful villages, experiencing the rural life of Vietnam.

    16:00: Relax with swimming activities and enjoy a sunset party with tea and fresh fruits.

    17:00: Check-in at the bungalow, preparing for an exciting evening.

    19:00: Dinner with a pre-prepared menu, followed by free time for exploration and relaxation.

    Day 2: Bich Dong Pagoda, Thai Vi Temple – Thung Nham Bird Valley

    08:30: Start the day with a cycling tour to visit Thai Vi Temple and Bich Dong Pagoda, one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

    11:30: Check out and enjoy lunch at a restaurant with a variety of local specialties such as goat meat, fish, spring rolls, and fried rice. Vegetarian options are also available.

    Thai Vi Temple

    13:00: Continue the journey to Thung Nham Bird Valley. Board a small boat to explore But Cave (Buddhist Cave), which is about 500m long. Admire the miraculous stalactites and stalagmites.

    Afternoon: This is the ideal time to visit the bird valley. Sit quietly on the boat and slowly paddle through Thung Chim (Bird Valley), observing over 4,000 birds of 40 different species. This is a great opportunity to take beautiful photos and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

    16:00: Return to Hanoi by car, concluding the trip.

    18:30: Drop off guests at hotels in Hanoi, ending the journey with unforgettable memories. See you again in the next Ninh Binh tours.


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