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Hanoi - Van Long - Kenh Ga - Van Trinh Cave



86 USD

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    There’s nothing quite like embarking on a Ninh Binh tour to explore the rich history and breathtaking natural landscapes of Northern Vietnam. Join us as we embark on an adventure-filled expedition through picturesque routes, from Vân Long to Kênh Gà, and uncover the mysteries of Động Vân Trình in an unforgettable 2-day, 1-night excursion!

    Introduction to the 2-Day 1-Night Hanoi – Van Long – Kenh Ga – Van Trinh Cave tour 2 days 1 night

    Nestled like a precious gem in the landscape of Vietnamese tourism, the Van Long – Kenh Ga tourist area emerges as a novel and enticing destination for those seeking adventure and tranquility amid nature’s embrace. Situated in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, approximately 80km from the heart of the capital city, Hanoi, this tourist spot is an ideal rendezvous point for short-day trips from the bustling city.

    Van Long - Kenh Ga - Van Trinh Cave tour 2 days 1 night

    With an investment scale of up to 30,000 billion Vietnamese dong, Van Long Kenh Ga transcends being merely a tourist destination; it evolves into a perfect amalgamation of emotional experiences and discoveries. Nestled within the Hoang Long River delta, this tourist area boasts mountain ranges’ rugged beauty and grandeur and a network of water bodies, painting a mesmerizing canvas of nature’s wonders.

    The Van Long – Kenh Ga tourist area is also famous for its intelligent connection between two famous tourist attractions: the hot spring of Kenh Ga and the Van Trinh Cave. This synergy creates a unique exploration journey, allowing travelers to marvel at the natural beauty while delving into this region’s cultural and historical heritage.

    2-Day 1-Night Hanoi – Van Long – Kenh Ga – Van Trinh Cave Tour Itinerary

    • Duration:2 days 1 night
    • Transportation: Tourist car
    • Departure: Daily
    • Departure Point: Hanoi
    • Price: 86 USD

    Day 01: Hanoi – Van Long Resort (Lunch, Dinner)

    06:00: Meditours Ninh Binh’s vehicle and tour guide will pick you up at the designated location to begin the journey to Ninh Binh tours. Along the way, you’ll have time to stop, rest, and enjoy breakfast at Phu Ly (self-expenses).

    08:30: Arrive at Van Long Resort, where you’ll have free time to explore and soak in the mineral pool.

    Lunch: Check into the hotel and enjoy lunch at the restaurant with Ninh Binh’s specialties.

    Van Long

    Afternoon: Participate in recreational sports activities at Van Long Resort or join an eco-tour to explore the ecological village by buffalo cart (self-expenses).

    Evening: Dinner at the restaurant and leisure time at the Van Long Resort hotel.

    Day 02: Van Long Resort – Kenh Ga – Van Trinh Cave – Hanoi (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Morning: Enjoy breakfast at the restaurant and have free time for sports activities at the resort.

    08:30: Depart to explore the hot mineral spring of Kenh Ga, then continue the journey to Van Trinh Cave. At Dong Van Trinh, experience a boat ride upstream on the Hoang Long River to discover beautiful and majestic landscapes. Return to the Van Long tourist area and have lunch at the restaurant.

    Kenh Ga - Van Trinh Cave

    Afternoon: Check out of the hotel and board the bus back to Hanoi. En route, the group will stop for rest and souvenir shopping.

    17:30: Return to Hanoi by bus, bidding farewell to the group and looking forward to future journeys.


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